terça-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2008


Texto de Deepak Chopra

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Justin Joannis disse...

Great, with interest I read your blog in English cos' I don't understand Portugese's language. You managed your blog excellently while I'm new to this blogspot's writing. Anyway, I welcome you to my blogspot and enjoy reading my articles. I agree with you that we could do much to overcome our deficiencies by collectively and effecienly do our parts to make our planet a better and safe place to stay. Thank you!


Isa Grou disse...


I am so glad to know you, and thanks so much for your comment in my post. In japanese we say: "gambate!" to desire GOOD LOOK, POWER! So am I, you have to bring us a beaultiful blog to join my plan to turn our defficiencies in efficiencies and get everything better! Have a good job and came back soon, all right?

Isa Grou